Linea Bar Blue Blend


Vol en goede balans
Deze zorgvuldig geselecteerde blend biedt een perfecte combinatie van volle intense smaak en zoete tonen met een intense aroma.
Mooie crèmelaag gegarandeerd.

Full-bodied and balanced:
This carefully selected blend offers the perfect combination of body,
persistence and sweetness. The Blue blend is set apart by its
refined taste, powerful character and intense aroma.

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The coffee lovers form Napoli Italy know how to select and blend the best and typical Italian coffee taste. The know like no-one else how to make an excellent ristretto, espresso or even cappuccino. In some countries we drink the cappuccino perhaps slightly different, but fact is that the best way to taste Italian coffee, is to use the beans chosen by Italians. Taste it and feel like you are in Italy for a moment. The typicial taste of Napolitan coffee is unique and delicious. With various intensities and sweetness levels, we have what you like. and don’t just take our word for it: give it a try!

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